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Summer in Strasbourg: Strawberry Picking

Want to feel like a local and pick up cheap, delicious berries? Grab some friends and taste the “summer in Strasbourg”: 40 min by bike from the center of the city

If you’ll ask a person what he/she is doing now in Strasbourg, you’ll figure out if they are locals or tourists)).

For locals, it’s about swimming in the lakes, having lunch at the outdoor terraces, visiting a great park in Kehl across the Rhine. (Tourists mostly aim at the old town, trying to survive in the summer heat).

Summer in Strasbourg: family fun or where to pick strawberries

Who: Ferme Clauss
Price: approximately 4.20 euro per kilo
Extra: some other fruits and veggies, nectar at their stand might be available
How do we get there from the center of the city: by rented bikes (40 min) or by car (20 min)
Address: Rue des Champs, La Wantzenau. Look for the sign on the road:

Summer in Strasbourg: sunny, hot, with plenty of berries and fruits
Summer in Strasbourg: sunny, hot, with plenty of berries and fruits

A short video about the place:

Strawberry picking is one of the highlights of summer and our family tradition, the one, that keeps us energized through grey, wet winters.

We pick up every time around 8 kilos, all gone in 3 days!

Make sure to check out the hours and conditions before you go


The nice animal park is right near the strawberry field, located in the shade. Deer, lots of birds, etc.

Lake Ballastiere is on the way back to the city, great in the summer for swimming.

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