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2 Lovely Strasbourg Animal Parks

Where to watch and pet domestic animals in Strasbourg: animal parks, a nice place to spend an afternoon. Parc animalier Friedel and Parc Animalier S.R.P.O

Strasbourg’s animal parks, shown below, are outstanding in terms of animal welfare. Furry friends have a huge area to roam free and great care. Surrounded by a wide variety of trees, both parks are the perfect escape during summer heat waves.

Strasbourg Animal parks

1. Parc animalier Friedel

The exceptional feature of Parc Animalier Friedel is that you have direct contact with animals, not just watch them through the fence.

Park is great for kids and animal lovers: there is a wide variety of domestic animals:

 Animal park Friedel
Andrew and Erika at the animal park Friedel
  • Free admission, and many benches to rest on. Dogs are prohibited.
  • Musée du Chocolat in 10 minutes walk from the park.
  • Address: 2 Rue Girlenhirsch, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden
  • Adjusted City Parc Friedel has one of the best play structures in the area. Plus toilets :).
At the City Parc Friedel you can easily spent half a day
At the City Parc Friedel you can easily spend half a day

It is hard to find challenging play structures in Strasbourg for bigger kids, like 8 y.o. and older. City Parc Friedel is one of few where even teenagers have fun. (You can hear them chirping in the background :D)

2. Parc Animalier S.R.P.O

At the heart of the forest, Parc Animalier S.R.P.O is a true haven for waterbirds. (We visited many places before, but have never ever seen anything like this!)

Hundreds of animals and a large variety of birds live in the park: hens, goats, rabbits, pheasants, deer, etc. 

Parc Animalier S.R.P.O
Parc Animalier S.R.P.O
  • Free admission. No toilets on site. Be aware of mosquitoes during summer
  • You can extend your trip by walking in the forest, there are several trails.
  • Address: 47 Fbg du Capitaine d’Alençon, 67610 La Wantzenau
  • Nice, quiet Parc du Château de Pourtalès is nearby

Make sure to check hours and conditions before you go

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