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One Day in Colmar, Ideally Preserved Medieval Town

Short on time but looking for the charm of a small town, narrow streets, and medieval houses? Spend a day in Colmar, an hour away from Strasbourg

In the post below: how to spend a day in Colmar: what shouldn’t be missed to visit, what Alsatian food to eat, and what local wine to drink. Where to look for a great park to take children to roam freely.

Also: from November 24th look how the old town will turn into a fairy tale – it is time for the Christmas market and beautiful holiday decorations.

Day in Colmar with a family

1. Worth seeing and trying in Colmar, top 8 places:

Fishmonger district: the most picturesque district in the heart of the old town and the Little Venice, the name given to the course of the river Lauch, running through the Fishmonger district:

For prices and hours of flat-bottomed boats check here
For prices and hours of flat-bottomed boats check here

The Koïfhus, the oldest public building in Colmar, and one of the most precious! Former customs house, it is more than 500 years old. We were lucky to spend a night right across it (video below in the post).

Eglise Saint-Martin, Gothic, 13th-century, catholic church:

Eglise Saint-Martin, in the background of the picture
Eglise Saint-Martin, in the background of the picture

The Pfister House is nearly 500 years old and is a wonderful example of Renaissance architecture in Colmar. Look for the paintings inspired by the Bible and portraits of emperors on the facade:

Colmar, Alsace

Montagne Verte: great park, square, and playgrounds for families:

Bartholdi! Did you know that the designer of the Statue of Liberty was born in Colmar?

The town adores him and has plenty of “Bartholdi traces”. Look for trail markers in the heart of the city, a replica of the Statue of Liberty (a memorial to the sculptor), Bartholdi museum, and statues at the local park:

There are a lot of faces of the "Liberty" in Colmar. Try to find as many as you can. There are dozens!
There are a lot of faces of the “Liberty” in Colmar. Try to find as many as you can. There are dozens!

Covered Market, pictured below, is a brick building designed in 1865 at the river Lauch. Look for high high-quality local cheeses, baked goods, meats, wine, and souvenirs. There are also small cafes and bars, we liked having lunch there.

Covered Market, Colmar, France.
Covered Market, Colmar, France. photo credit: Krzysztof Golik

Parc du Champ de Mars – a wonderful place to visit during the warm time of the year: spacious, green, with a huge square filled with fountains. Plus, refreshments, a playground, carousel:

Parc du Champ de Mars
Parc du Champ de Mars

2. Day in Colmar: local food and wine

Top Alsatian food to try in Colmar:

  • Choucroute
  • Cordon bleu
  • Vol-au-vent
  • Spaetzle
  • Bretzel (for a snack)
  • Kougelhopf (a traditional pastry)

The most popular menu item remains tarte flambee/flammekueche. It’s not pizza (!) and both, kids and adults love it. Good with local wine or local beer:

Local beer, local wine, and Tarte flambee
Local beer, local wine, and Tarte flambee at the Covered Market

Alsace is famous for its white wines. They are traditionally served in a glass with an elegant green stem. Don’t leave Colmar without trying those guys:

  • Pinot Gris
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Riesling

Winter is a great time to try some hot wine and spice bread, and in summer ice cream is always a hit.

3. Where did we like to spend a night in Colmar

We rented a small place through Airbnb, with a kitchen, 1 bedroom, and a folding sofa in the living room. We wanted to try how locals lived hundreds of years ago. And it was something! What we have got:

  • Slanted floors, in all directions and in every room, including the shower. It made me dizzy and scared a little…
  • Spiral staircase inside the building/apartment; a cramped space
  • Low window (at ankle height) and super thick walls
  • Precious, incredible view of the center in every window:

View from the window in a short video below:

In 2 months we spent 2.5 days and 1 night in Colmar. And would be glad to see it again, we liked it a lot. The really good thing is that the town is small and it’s possible to see everything in one day, without any rush.

Thank you for reading!

Make sure to check prices, schedules, and conditions before you go

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