Strasbourg Parks Water playgrounds

Water Play In Strasbourg: Parc Des Oiseaux, Hot Days Escape

The spray park, playgrounds, unusual forest, sand pit, and football field. – Where to look for an interesting water play in Strasbourg

Strasbourg Boat rides

Exploring Strasbourg On Licence Free Boat

How to explore Strasbourg and escape summer crowds. Watching the city from the water on an easy-to-operate electric boat. Family-friendly activity

France Strasbourg Trails

Unique Activities In Alsace, France: Barefoot Trail For Kids And Adults

SensoRied trail, 1.3 km long, was made specifically to walk barefoot. It is great for nature lovers and a truly unique activity in Alsace. 40 minutes drive from Strasbourg

Strasbourg Lakes

Swimming in Strasbourg: Lake Baggersee, a hidden gem in the city

Summer hot day escape: swimming in Strasbourg’s Lake Baggersee, or “Lac du Baggersee”. Trip from the center of the city on rental bikes with kids

Strasbourg Gardens

Strasbourg Botanical Gardens: Visiting in Summer

Strasbourg Botanical Gardens: a hidden gem in the city. Pros and cons. What to expect during your visit

Strasbourg Castles and Towers

Strasbourg Cathedral Platform: 7 Moments of the Trip to The Top

332 steps, 66 meters and you are rewarded with a magnificent view over the capital of Europe! Strasbourg Gothic Cathedral in summer with children 5, 8, and 13 y.o.

Strasbourg Bike trips

Strasbourg, France: Bike Trip With Kids To Germany

Summer trip from France to Germany on rented bikes. Strasbourg – Kehl, 12.2 km, with kids 5, 8, and 13 y.o. Destination point – Wasserspielplatz am Rhein

Germany Cities

Munich Like a Local. What is Munich Like to Live In

Exploring life and culture in the city. Surfing, the map with the most favorite sights, local uni, breaking the rules, local food, and beaches. Munich Like a Local