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Water Play In Strasbourg: Parc Des Oiseaux, Hot Days Escape

The spray park, playgrounds, unusual forest, sand pit, and football field. – Where to look for an interesting water play in Strasbourg

Parc des Oiseaux has one of the best water play areas in Strasbourg. (The most popular is the splash pad at Citadelle Park, but it is often overcrowded). Although it is named Parc Des Oiseaux or “Bird Park”, there were only a bunch of chickens, which did not spoil the impression of the park :).

Water play in Strasbourg

1. Splash park

Parc Des Oiseaux is an excellent place to spend time on a hot day: it has plenty of shade to spread a blanket, playgrounds for small/big kids, and a splash pad, cool for all ages:

2. Playgrounds, football/basketball enclosed area:

There are sand playground, exercise area, new playground, and sports field at the Parc des Oiseaux:

3. Unusual forest of Akira Miyawaki

The urban micro forest, pictured below, was planted in 2021 using the method of Akira Miyawaki. 676 trees were planted in area of just 300 square meters. Such dense planting allows growth 10 times faster than in a conventional forest and promises development of rich biodiversity.

Urban microforest, the first in the Eurometropolis
Urban microforest, the first in the Eurometropolis

4. Neighborhood Library

You can take some books, as we did, or bring the ones you want to donate to the park’s little library:

5. Water play in Strasbourg, Parc Des Oiseaux, good to have and know

  • Take a water bottle (we filled out from the water fountain near the play area), water guns, swimsuits, snacks, and a picnic blanket.
  • Toilets are a 5-minute walk from the park at the local cemetery (you can ask locals at the park, they will show you the way)
  • There is a lovely cafe at the park:
"Neighboors cafe" - open only on Sundays and located right at the park
“Neighboors cafe” – open only on Sundays and located right at the park

Don’t forget to check the hours, conditions, etc., before you go

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