Strasbourg Pools

2 Strasbourg Swimming Pools That Are Worth Visit With Kids

Strasbourg swimming pools: Bains Municipaux de Strasbourg, architectural landmark, and Piscine de Hautepierre: features and what to look for

Escape the summer heat or have fun during winter, – those Strasbourg swimming pools are a good place to have some fun with family and friends:

Strasbourg swimming pools

1. Bains Municipaux de Strasbourg

Features of Bains Municipaux de Strasbourg:

  • Unique building: true gemstone, inside and outside
  • Pool parties (check the schedule online)
  • adults only: sauna, Roman bath, Nordic pool, jacuzzi, etc.

Pictured below: Bains Municipaux de Strasbourg. Swimming pool or architectural landmark? Both!

Bains Municipaux de Strasbourg, swimming pool
Strasbourg swimming pools

Nordic Pool, accessible for kids 16 and older:

The nordic pool entrance is through the sauna "side" of the building. Maybe kids who go to swimming camps can use it too
The Nordic pool is accessible with sauna tickets

We really liked the parties at Bains Municipaux de Strasbourg, they had music, hot chocolate, and tons of floaties. Pictured below: Andrew, Erika, and Artem are having a blast:

Andrew, Erika, and Artem having fun at the pool party

2. Piscine de Hautepierre

Features of Piscine de Hautepierre:

  • Outdoor and indoor pools
  • Splash pad for small kids (outdoor)
  • Running course (not sure if it’s a temporary or permanent thing, check online before you go):
  • Plus: table tennis, football field, big grassy area outdoor
  • And slide:

Good to know:

In case you are not familiar with the French swimming pool dress code, pay attention to what you can and can’t wear:

Make sure to check out hours, fees, and conditions before you go

Plus: bring your own towels and water bottle.

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