19 San Francisco Bay Area Hidden Gems to Discover

Day trips from San Francisco Bay area: hidden gems. Food, wild nature, winery, museums, coastal wonders, and very special places for kids. Budget-friendly

California Cities

If I Had Only One Day in California, I Would Spend it in San Diego

Weather, history, architecture, tide pools, marine life, and more – all the best about San Diego


Must-see places North of Anchorage or on the way to Denali National Park

Got an extra couple nights in Anchorage or just a free afternoon? Go to the North, to explore the rich Native Alaskan history, gold mining history, up-close animal encounters, real gigantic veggies, and other natural wonders.

Alberta, Canada

Medicine Lake, Alberta: Disappearing Lake

Indians believed the disappearance of the lake was caused by “the big medicine”. The mystery and way to explore the Medicine Lake, Alberta