Quick Stop at Boise, Idaho: Fascinating Side of the City

Unique place like Basque Block – Spanish heritage in Idaho, plus beaches, museums, rose garden, etc. A great time to spend during a quick stop at Boise

Our first stop at Boise was on the way to Yellowstone: we desperately needed a place to stretch the legs. To our surprise, we discovered a ton of places to visit for a quick stop at Boise, most of them concentrated in/near Julia Davis Park.

Boise is the capital of Idaho and the largest city in the state, with a population of over 200k. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US: 20,000 to 30,000 people moving to Boise every year, many from California.

Where to head first on your quick stop at Boise

One of the most interesting facts about Boise – there is an ethnic Basque community, the most concentrated outside of Spain 😉.

The Basque country is an autonomic region in the northwestern part of Spain. It is home to one of the oldest ethnic groups in Europe. Basques came to Boise in the late 1800s and played an important role in Idaho’s history.

Basque dancers, Basque Block, Boise Historic District
Basque dancers at Basque Block, Boise Historic District. photo credit: Joseph

There are many ways to explore the Basque culture in Boise: from the cultural center to markets, museums, and restaurants – there is something for everyone. I would love to try some paella, tapas, croquetas, even beef tongue – a traditional dish cooked for generations in our own (Eastern European) culture.

Big seafood paella. photo credit: Ben Kerckx
Big seafood paella. photo credit: Ben Kerckx

When the pandemic will be over, try to attend The San Inazio Festival – an annual event at the end of July. Or Jaialdi – a celebration of culture, one of the largest Basque festivals in the world (celebrated every 5 years).

In the picture below: Basque president Iñigo Urkullu with his wife at Jaialdi Festival, Boise:

Jaialdia Basque Festival, Boise, 2015
Jaialdia Basque Festival, Boise. photo credit: Irekia

Quick Stop at Boise, 8 more fun places to visit

We have friends who live for several years in Boise and they say there is not much to do as in Oregon or Washington. Maybe it is the different perspective from being “residents” and “tourists”, but we would love to come to Boise and learn more about it.

Essential Note

Current conditions, hours, etc., changed during Covid-19. Please verify all the essential information for the destinations before you go.

Quick stop at Boise, Idaho: Boise River in the Downtown. Very quite with many trails and small, secluded beaches
Quick stop at Boise, Idaho: Boise River in the Downtown. Very quite with many trails and small, secluded beaches

Where to spend a night at Boise

Boise is a relatively inexpensive city and there is a wide variety of places to stay. On our trips we usually choose Airbnb, – it is more exciting than staying in the hotel.

Movies about Boise and Idaho

If you too, like our friends, think that “Nothing happens in Idaho”, check out these movies:

“Made in Boise” is a movie filmed about 4 surrogacy moms. Documentary. IMDb 5.7. Boise is an “unofficial surrogacy capital of America”.

“Kid Cannabis” isn’t about the great mission to help families grow, but partly about struggling families too. True story, Action, Comedy. IMDb 6.4

"Kid Cannabis" (2014). photo credit: wikipedia
“Kid Cannabis” (2014). photo credit: wikipedia

“Napoleon Dynamite” probably the most popular movie filmed in Idaho, and my least favorite. High school comedy, family-friendly (9y/o +).

"Napoleon Dynamite" (2004). photo credit: wikipedia
“Napoleon Dynamite” (2004). photo credit: wikipedia

Thanks for reading, friends! 🙂

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