Oahu Hawaii: Things To Do For Older Adults, Young, And Kids

Oahu Hawaii: best island for accommodation and flights on a budget. Unique tours, worth to take at least once while visiting Hawaii. Map.

Years ago, planning our very first trip to Hawaii, we were wondering “Which islands should we choose?!” – As on the internet, all seem equally beautiful and worth visiting. Oahu Hawaii became our very first island to explore, and for many first-time visitors, it is one of the best. Here is why:

  • It is beautiful and the most affordable one among 4 popular islands (other 3 are Maui, Big Island, Kauai) in terms of flights and accommodation.
  • Oahu is relatively small, you can see everything if you’re short on time (7-10 days). Great beaches, tropical nature, hikes, and unique tours.
  • More likely you won’t be fooled by weather (as very possible on Kauai)

Oahu Hawaii: Things To Do For Older Adults, Young, And Kids

1. Visiting Polynesian Cultural Center

Among nearly a dozen of tours we tried on Hawaiian islands, there is one of its kind and unavailable anywhere else. If you are a history buff or interested in Hawaiian culture, book a tour at Polynesian Cultural Center. Pricey but worth it. (Luau, popular Hawaiian attraction, we watched there too)

  • Hawaii On a Budget 2021. Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu

If Polynesian Center seems too pricey, try fun, high-quality, and locally made Shaka Guide to learn about rich Hawaiian culture.

2. Oahu Hawaii: Exploring Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation is worth visiting even without taking tours. Seeing for the first time in our lives how pineapples grow was unforgettable! Plantation grounds are free to visit, including fish pond. Paid attractions are train, maze, garden. (We booked “train+maze”.) Pineapple whip at the local cafe is delicious!

3. Hiking Diamond Head summit trail

For “Only one trail to hike on Oahu”, try Diamond Head. The trail is beautiful and very worth climbing, but hot. If you are more of a “walker than hiker” and heat intolerant (like me), keep in mind. 1.6 miles round trip, 2 hours hike. Fairly steep: 500 feet up. Amazing panoramic views:

Read important details about hiking the Diamond Head summit trail.

4. Oahu Hawaii: Visiting Honolulu

We insist on visiting Honolulu instead of staying in Honolulu for a “authentic Hawaiian experience”. After living in the rural northern part of the island, it felt too touristy for us. Pictured below: huge banyan tree, local graduation at the Father of Surfing, Waikiki beach:

Also not to be missed in Honolulu: Manoa neighborhood, where Barack Obama spent his childhood years, Iolani Palace the only royal palace in the USA. (the official residence of Hawaii’s monarchy)

5. Paying respects at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Pearl Harbor National Memorial located very close to Downtown Honolulu. Since 1941 it’s been known for Japanese attack during World War 2 and is the most visited place on the island now. The National Memorial complex consists of two galleries, a theater, and outdoor exhibits:

Crawling inside US Pacific Fleet Submarine

From the Pearl Harbor National Memorial area, you can access the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park:

WWII fleet submarine was great to visit with kids, and us, adults, enjoyed provided audio-tour. The Submarine Museum is one of the few places in the world where you can learn about the history of the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Force.

6. Watching sunset and learning about Hawaiian history at the Lāʻie Point State Wayside

Hawaiian history intertwined with legends and stories. 500 years ago Polynesians arrived at the uninhabited islands, bringing farm animals, tools, and beliefs. Lāʻie Point State Wayside has breathtaking scenery, charm of residential Hawaii and a legend to learn:

According to the legend this peninsula was originally a “Mo’o” or giant lizard. Standing upright ready to kill any intruder.

After Kana (a legendary warrior) and his brother had rescued their mother from Moloka’i and had taken her back to Hawaii, Kana set out on a journey to kill all the Mo’o in the islands.

In time, he arrived in La’ie where the Mo’o had been killing many people. Kana easily defeated the Mo’o taking its head. He chopped it into five pieces and flung them into the ocean.

The pieces of the lizard’s head can still be seen today as five small islands lying off-shore their original names were Kihewamoku, Moluaaniwa, Pulemoku, Malualai and Keauakaluapa’a’a

Lāʻie Point State Wayside, North Shore Oahu:

At the Wayside we were also impressed … by cliff-jumping, Hawaii ancient passion performed by locals.

You can also spot plenty of birds there. Red-crested cardinal, pictured above, native to Brazil, was introduced to Oahu in 1930.

7. Kualoa Ranch Valley tour

Kualoa Ranch we visited alone, while grandparents were taking care of kids. Touring the valley on the ATV was one of the most interesting trips ever. (Especially seeing the island through the eyes of the guide who grew up on the island). And views are amazing:

On the #3 picture – macadamia nuts, Hawaiian icon. Try some!

8. Oahu Hawaii: Swimming in Waimea Falls

Swimming in the waterfalls is something you’ll want to do in Hawaii. Although the highest concentration of such activity we found on Maui, there is at least one you can try on Oahu. Plus, hike through the tropical forest, botanical garden, and join educational/history walks:

  • Oahu Hawaii: Waimea Falls

Check out the hours, fees, and conditions before you go for swimming in the waterfall.

9. Enjoying a typical Hawaiian beach

After visiting all 4 popular Hawaiian islands, we’d name Oahu #2 for beaches (#1 Maui). Most of them are safe, and there are a lot of them. Also, Oahu has least a dozen of waterfront parks, where you may book a dream campsite. The picture below (no filter) was taken from one of them:

Oahu Hawaii: Waimanalo Beach Park. Calm, pristine waters, white fine sand, and campsites!
Oahu Hawaii: calm, pristine waters, white fine sand, and campsites!

Popular beaches on Oahu: Turtle Bay beach, Laniakea Beach (for watching turtles); for swimming, jumping on waves: Waimanalo Beach, Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach.

Oahu Hawaii Essentials. Good to knows

  • The wettest months on Oahu last approximately from December till April.
  • April and May are our most favorite months: the rain season is wrapping up, and the island is in all shades of green you can ever imagine. (and no summer crowds and “summer prices” yet)
  • Camping at Oahu can be on your bucket list destination and budget saving opportunity. Reserve your spot early!
  • We found more affordable rentals to be on the North side of the island and at the Waikiki “condo towers”
  • Snorkel during the mornings – the best time for it.
  • Car is essential for exploring Hawaii.
  • You’ll also need: comfortable shoes, swimsuit, sunscreen (please, use only mineral sunscreen, chemical ones are killing the reefs), binoculars, cell phone pouch.
  • Please respect the Honu and local sacred sites.
  • Hawaii has unique culture many people don’t know about. From 1800’s till 1960-70’s it was forbidden for locals to practice their culture/customs/language. For learning more, try Shaka self-driving Guide. Love it a lot and recommend.

Make sure to check hours, trail conditions, fees, and Covid restrictions before you go

Oahu Hawaii: All the mentioned places on My Map

Thanks for reading friends!

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