Educational Movies For Kids: Nanook of the North

Visual learning and why we should watch educational movies with kids. Eskimo everyday life joys and hardships: our kids experience of watching 100 y.o. film

With a little “preparation”, educational movies for kids could be a fun and memorable experience. This spring our collection was enriched by “Nanook of the North”, a real masterpiece, a black and white film made in 1922. But most importantly… the children liked it. (3, 6, and 11 y.o.). 🙂

Educational Movies For Kids

Nanook of the North: (1922), 0+, IMDb 7.7

The story of the Nanook and his family – is a narrative about the everyday life of the Eskimo: how they hunted, traveled by sledding, built huts and boats. The hunting ground of the Nanook family is the size of England. Only around 300 people live in this area.

The movie is filmed in the genre of drama and documentary, based on the harsh realities of Eskimo life. Still, the movie can be watched with small children as there is no violence but humor, endless warmth, and care. Plus friendship, savvy, and courage:

Educational Movies For Kids: before the watching

I talked to kids about the movie a couple of days before watching it so they’d know what to expect. (Why it is interesting, key points, when and where took place, intertitles). As the most modern kids, they used to digital cinematography, and I was afraid they wouldn’t like it.

I was wrong! 1h. 20 min flew by and, – “Tia Mak”! – In the language of the Eskimo means – “The end”:

Educational Movies For Kids: there are a lot of scenes from Nanook that are fun to discuss with children

Kids dialogues during the movie:

– Who do you feel more sorry for the person or the walrus?
– I’m more sorry for the walrus!
– Well I’m sorry for both.

– Guys look they are building an igloo!!!
– No, they are going fishing! Oh, no, he is making an igloo! And a window! A window in an igloo! I can’t believe they were able to build an igloo in one hour!


Happy viewing and thanks for reading!

The link for “Nanook of the North” on Amazon Prime is here.

Educational Movies For Kids: Nanook family home on My Map

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