4 Things Homer, Alaska is Famous for

Don’t leave Homer until you try at least a couple of things from this list: watch the bears fishing salmon over waterfalls, cruise abroad a local ferry, halibut fishing and the silliest thing you can imagine..

Don’t leave Homer until you try at least a couple of things from this list. One day, we’ll return to Homer to do them with kids.

Katmai National Park

Watch bears fishing salmon over waterfalls. Katmai National Park has the highest density of brown bears on the planet and is a major destination for bear watching. If you have a dream of watching a dozen of the bears fishing salmon over waterfalls, at very close range, book a tour to Brook Falls. From Homer, it’s a 1.5-hour flight and a short hike and you’ll be right there. Book in advance, despite the price, tours fill up quickly.

Aerial view of Katmai National Park
photo credit: GoodFreePhotos
Moon-like landscape and snow-capped mountains at Katmai
photo credit: GoodFreePhotos
Bears at Katmai Falls
photo credit: GoodFreePhotos
Grizzly bear cub standing up. Katmai National Park
photo credit: GoodFreePhotos
Bear cubs playing around at Katmai
photo credit: GoodFreePhotos

Halibut Cove

Cruise abroad local ferry to the picturesque Halibut Cove – a small seaside community across beautiful Kachemak Bay. Makes a great afternoon trip! Besides the scenic views, the local Denny J ferry provides a unique bird viewing opportunity in one tour.

Halibut Fishing

Join Halibut fishing charters – a trip of a lifetime for an eager fisherman. Kachemak Bay is a rich fishing ground, full of lingcod, salmon, rockfish and giant halibut. Homer is the halibut capital of the world, after all!

Halibut processing in Homer
Halibut processing in Homer

Salty Dawg Saloon

Pin a one dollar bill at the ceiling of the Salty Dawg Saloon. Sound silly? Yes! That’s exactly how I would like to finish our next trip to Homer. Hosted in an original 19th-century town cabin, Salty Dawg is a local favorite. Coming with kids, I would at least like to take a peak. I’m sure, kiddos would be even more entertained then I. Here is a cool story to read about the place.

Salty Dawg Saloon, Homer Spit
photo credit: Wikimedia

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